We are able to complete electrical installation on domestic, commercial and industrial projects. With careful design and installation work, lighting can be used to help bring a room to life when designed and used correctly, indoor or outdoor. All our work is certificated and up to current regulations being carried out by level 3 qualified electricians and AM2 accredited.


With a CCTV system that is working 24/7 to protect your property and the ability to view it from anywhere in the world with just a touch on your phone, giving you a piece of mind. Always using the best quality products from Hikvsion all are HD and user friendly making it simple to use and we are able to help you step by step in understanding how it all works.

Home Automation

Home automation is becoming part of our lives more and more each year with the use of controlling your heating from a smart learning control centre or being able to manage your complete home lighting from a single press on your phone. Music systems run throughout your home all easily controlled from your smart phone or tablet. Also being able to see and speak directly to whoever comes your front door from anywhere in the world. With Rako accredited certificate in installation and programming and having good background knowledge with Lightwave RF we are able to meet your requirements and work within your budgets. 

Fire alarm/Emergency lighting

Having accomplished FIA accredited fire alarm design, installations and maintenance qualifications we are able to cover fire alarm systems on commercial & industrial sizes as well as domestic systems. With the danger of fire and power failure the use of fire alarms and emergency lighting should and must be a priority in any work place or home.

E/V Charging point

Electric vehicles are becoming even more popular as the push to lower our greenhouses gases grows. With charging points located across the country, why not make it more convenient and easier for you by having one installed at your own home? With our level 3 city and guild electrical vehicle charging point we are able to help and advice on any questions you may have.

Power Quality Analyst

The rising cost of energy means that optimal use of energy has become even more critical. The first step in managing energy is understanding ‘how much and when’ energy is being used. To discover that, you would require a power report. 
We can record and log various details about the main incoming or sub main supply, by the use of a Power Analyser, some of these details include: 

  • Voltage

  • Current

  • Voltage Frequency

  • Power Factor

  • Harmonics

  • Energy Usage